Pretty Love Claude vaginal & clitoral stimulator

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Pretty Love Claude vaginal & clitoral stimulator

Enjoy heavenly vaginal and clitoral stimulation with this Claude stimulator proposed by Pretty Love. Compact and refined, it offers an excellent grip, while its ergonomic end deliciously marries the contours of the vulva. Enjoy orgasmic pleasures with this vibrator, especially intended for the fairer sex.

Let the thrilling vibrations stimulate you, while abandoning yourself to the intense sensations produced by the small ribs that will lead you to an overwhelming climax. Equipped with a powerful motor, Claude allows you to stimulate the erogenous zones with thirty vibration modes producing a variety of sensations. Its ergonomic end perfectly follows the contours of the vagina, while the stimulating nodules affix themselves against the lips and clitoris. This feminine stimulator stands out with its attractive shape.

Covered in a soft and silky silicone, this girly stimulator feels very pleasant on contact with the skin. It has a simple and intuitive control surface.

For maximum performance, https://loverssexshop.com/ recommends using Pretty Love Claudia with a water-based lubricant. To clean it, use water, a gentle soap and a sex toy cleaning solution.

• Vaginal and clitoral stimulator
• Made from soft, silky high quality silicone
• Stimulation of the erogenous zones by vibrations
• 30 vibration modes
• Simple and intuitive controls

Material: Soft and silky silicone (phthalates free)
Total length: 17 cm
Length of the head: 10 cm
Diameter of the head: 6.6 cm
Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (not included)

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